Do you know XAML ?


Few months ago , I started to search about how one could program Metro Style Apps.

Metro Style Apps are new type of applications are available in Windows 8 inside Metro User Interface.

I knew that one can do that using  programming  language ( C# or VB.Net or C++) but  a markup language called XAML is also needed. Perhaps it was the first time I heard about this new language. It is also needed if you want to program applications for Windows Phone 7 as well.

XAML, ( /ˈzæməl/) is a declarative XML-based language created by Microsoft and is used for initializing structured values and objects.

For normal desktop applications XAML is used in a technology called WPF “Windows Presentation Foundation”

Due to Wikipedia defination WPF  is a computer-software graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications.

As applied to the .NET Framework programming model, XAML simplifies creating a UI for a .NET Framework application. You can create visible UI elements in the declarative XAML markup, and then separate the UI definition from the run-time logic by using code-behind files, this code is joined to the markup through partial class definitions.

namespace WindowsPhoneApplication
          public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage
// Constructor
                            public MainPage()

XAML directly represents the instantiation of objects in a specific set of backing types defined in assemblies.

Note : This is unlike most other markup languages, which are typically an interpreted language without such a direct tie to a backing type system.

XAML enables a workflow where separate parties can work on the UI and the logic of an application, using potentially different tools.

Using XAML we can create objects like buttons , Text boxes , Radio Buttons , ….etc

For example to create a button we can do that through this code

<Button Background="Blue" Foreground="Red" Content="This is a button"/>
Foreground , Content are properties of the object.


Windows Metro , New Experience From Microsoft


Hi , In this post I want to talk about the new operating system from Microsoft.  When I read about Windows 8 and how it can change our thoughts about OS , I decided to test this new operating system to be able to make a full opinion about it. So I opened Google and searched for it until I found the download links for different versions and then I installed it.

You can download it from this link

When you open it you will find two main versions available for downloading

1- Windows Developer Preview with developer tools

It is for developers who may want to develop applications (Metro Style Apps) using Visual Studio 11 and Expression Blend 5

2- Windows Developer Preview

It is for the normal user who only wants to test the new features in this new OS

One of the best things in this OS is that it is different from any Windows before. You will notice that from your first look after installing it. Also it supports ARM architecture and this is fantastic advantage that I will talk about later.

I have made a simple video about how you can install windows developer preview in your machine if you have win 7 or win xp. The video is in Arabic.

I’m waiting for your comments when you watch it. I’m sure that you will admire windows 8 !! 😀

Ahmed Kamal