How to register in ACM ?


1- One of the 3 team members will register the team from this link;jsessionid=qztfetiRqTZeSshTzZ+6jg23.undefined

2- Register an account for yourself and complete your own profile (this is important)

Area Of Study :In ex :  “Engineering”

Degree Pursued :In ex : ” Bachelor” 

3- Create a team and choose “The 2012 Egyptian Collegiate Programming Contest >  CAIRO”

3- Ask the other two members to create account  too and then you can add them to the team through “Add Team member”.

4- Assign team members to your team through searching for them using their names. Be sure that the e-mail of him/her is the same as the one he/she registered with to guarantee that he/she  is the right person.

5- Click on “Register Team” button.

6- Don’t forget to make sure that the registration of all the 3 member is completed.

Congratulation 🙂 You have registered your team successfully. Don’t forget to send me the names of the members of your team so I can finish you registration at  & your mail to contact you if there was any problem.


Best Wiches 🙂

Ahmed Kamal